I am Loretta Spinelli, a professional freelance makeup artist living in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Being self-taught I decided to start in the industry in 2010 by  working alongside an Australian cosmetic Company. After gaining confidence and knowledge required I established by own brand in 2013 due to demand I decided to take one road and dedicate myself 100% to my own business in 2014.

Being an ex-Art student Makeup artistry was always my art growing up, the human face is my canvas. I am inspired by every person I encounter with and endure to make their experience one to remember by bringing out there inner beauty as well as achieving their unique style in every makeover I create.

Beauty to me isn’t about transformation rather than enhancing features and showing women how each person has to ability to look and feel desirable. It’s inevitable that makeup trends are always evolving and each individual has different needs and wants. My goal is to remain versatile at all times as I do not limit myself to certain styles.

My portfolio is a true reflection of my journey, my creativity and most of all versatility. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than making women feel fierce and flawless.